Who we are

See why thousands of people use Kwiqflick every day to send files. 

No subscriptions, no hassle, just pay for what you send.

No registration is needed and it’s free to send any file up to 3GB, then just $0.25 per GB.

It should not be difficult to send files of any size. So, if you want a way of sending mega-large files in a simple and easy way without having to sign up for a subscription, then check out Kwiqflick.

What we do

Kwiqflick is packed with tons of features, including file storage and collaboration, but at the heart of it all is file transfer. 

What Kwiqflick is really great for is repeat transfers. You only have to upload a file once and you can keep ‘flicking’ them to as many people as you like. No more lost links or lost files and no more uploading a file everytime you want to send something to someone. 

You have free cloud storage that automatically stores the files you send, so you can just send them whenever you want. 

Don't want to register yet?

No problem, send files without registering until you are happy with how we do things


How can I use Kwiqflick to send files?

There are two ways. Firstly you can go to the kwiqflick app page, and there you can upload a file and send it to anyone you want to. You don’t need to register; you upload and send. If you want cloud storage to store files and repeatedly send them, you can register and send files to whoever you want to. You can drag and drop files to your contacts or use the menus to transfer and send your stored files.

Can I send files to anyone?

Yes, you can send files to anyone with an email address. They do not need to sign up to Kwiqflick to get the files. When you transfer a file to them, they will get an email with a link to enable them to download the files you sent.

What do I get if I register?

When you register, you will get 3GB of cloud storage and a file size limit of 3GB. So, this means you can upload files up to 3GB to transfer.

You can collaborate with teammates by sharing folders with people to work on projects more easily and chat with teammates in real-time using the built-in messaging system. In addition, you can download folders and all their contents if you need to.

Do I need to register?

No, you can transfer files up to 3GB for free without registering. You can do this on the app page without having to register. Upload the files and send them to the email address that you want.

What data do you store?

Due to how the infrastructure works, we generally need your email and the email of the person you are sending files to. If you give us your name, then we’ll store that too. Lastly, we need to keep your password safe and encrypted. We don’t do anything with this data other than run the service; we don’t send that data to anyone, we do not sell it, and you can delete your account with us at any time.

How much is Kwiqflick?

Free. Not bad, right? That means that the 3GB cloud storage, the 3GB transferability and everything it comes with is yours when you register. You can get more cloud storage space and transfer size by using our refer-a-friend feature.

You can send huge video files such as video files for a one-time fee, but the core features of Kwiqflick are free. 

What is your refer-a-friend feature about? Can I get more cloud storage?

Yes. It works in the following way: Send files to people who have not used Kwiqflick before. We have a built-in refer-a-friend system, so when you send a file to someone who has not registered with Kwiqflick before and sign up, you will get an extra 1GB each time. But, of course, your file limit also increases too. So use KwiqFlick with new people, and we say thank you by giving you extra file size limits and more cloud storage space.

Will you bring in premium services that you need to charge for?

At some point, yes. We are working on premium services that we will charge for, but this will not change what you get. So, you don’t need to worry about having your files stored or paying for keeping them. What you get now, you will get forever. Who doesn’t like forever, right?

What is pay per transfer?

Pay per transfer is for when you want to send a large file, but you don’t want to to sign up for a subscription. You can simply send a file for a one-time fee. 


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