An Alternative to WeTransfer

Kwiqflick: An Alternative to WeTransfer

Do you use WeTransfer, Dropbox or any other file transfer app to send files, but they lack crucial features you like? While most file transfer apps will help you send files and data to other devices, they tend to be restrictive and slow. Luckily, with Kwiqflick, you can say goodbye to slow, tedious, expensive and restrictive file transfer apps. It’s a tested and proven file transfer software and a better alternative to WeTransfer.
So you want to send files to friends and relatives seamlessly and enjoy the experience? Here, we’ll look into the premium things you can get using Kwiqflick that you don’t get with WeTransfer. Ready? Let’s get rolling.

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No Expiration of Files and Transfers

The link and file don’t expire when you send a download link to your friend’s email address. Instead, they will remain intact until the receiver downloads them. This is unlike WeTransfer and several other file transfer apps. With WeTransfer, your file will be available for 28 days, after which it expires. If your friend still needs the file, you’ll need to resend it. It gets more frustrating if you no longer have the file on your device. However, using Kwiqflick will get you out of such troubles.

Send Large Files

If you find it a nightmare sending large files with WeTransfer, Kwiqflick has something for you. This file transfer app helps you to send files of over 2GB. Are you on vacation and want to send pictures or videos of your outdoor recreations? Or you’re looking for a convenient way to send ultra-large documents or presentations to your relatives abroad? With Kwiqflick, the size of your file doesn’t matter. That’s why it’s best known as a file transfer software that solves all issues related to file transfers.

Stores Your Files Until You Delete Them

WeTransfer, among other file transfer apps, will delete files after sending them. Once the file is deleted and you still want to access it, you’ll go through the trouble of uploading it or asking your friend to resend it. On the other hand, Kwiqflick will store files in your account for as long as you need them.

Send to Anyone with an Email

The good thing about using Kwiqflick is that you can send files to anyone, as long as they have an email address. That means the receiver won’t need to sign up with Kwiqflick to receive your files. Instead, you only need to send them a downloadable link that they’ll download the files.

Repeat Instant Transfers

As mentioned earlier, Kwiqflick doesn’t delete files after sending them. Instead, they are stored in your account to use whenever you need them. In addition, the names of people you sent files to are immediately saved in your contact list. As a result, you’ll easily send similar or different files repeatedly.

Send Files up to 3GB for Free

Kwiqflick makes you enjoy sending files without spending a penny, thanks to its 3GB free transfer offer. The app offers you a 3GB of Cloud Storage that you can use to send files of up to 3GB for free. With WeTransfer, you can only send a file size of 2GB. That means using Kwiqflick offers you an extra 1GB for free you don’t get elsewhere.

Send Files Without the Need to Sign Up

If you don’t want to register with file transfer apps, Kwiqflick will still allow you to send files of up to 3GB. You only need to visit the app’s page, upload your files and send them for free to your friends or relative. However, you can register and enjoy premium features such as files storage, saved contacts and repeat instant transfers.

Pay a One-Time Subscription Fee

Unlike WeTransfer, Kwiqflick won’t charge you anything for sending ultra-large files. So, for instance, you can send more than 3GB of files for free. But first, you’ll need to visit their page, register and pay a one-time subscription fee. After that, you can enjoy sending all the files you want without minding about their sizes.

Google Chrome Extension

If you’d like to enjoy quick access to Kwiqflick, you can do so via Google Chrome Extension. As a result, you’ll be enjoying a more convenient file transfer process.

The Final Verdict

If you’re interested in a file transfer app that will get the job done, Kwiqflick is your best bet. The app is easy to use and sends large files instantly. You’ll also enjoy using a free and secure way of sending files, things you won’t enjoy using WeTransfer.
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