Dean Peters-Wright

Dean Peters-Wright


Dean is the founder of Kwiqflick. He is originally from London in the UK. Previously to founding Kwiqflick, Dean was usually found managing programs and projects for big corporate entities. There he would be developing lots of spreadsheets, powerpoints and the occasional report (please insert sarcasm, managers love lots and lots of reports). These reports would be sent to various people, inside and outside the company.

Typically, these files would be huge. And for any given presentation, several files were needed to represent the whole picture, including photos, videos and large Powerpoints. If there is something that a Board of Directors loves, it’s lots of reports and presentations.

This would mean that email was usually ruled out as a means of sending them. Like most people, he would have to use the existing platforms of the time to send files. But, managers were constantly losing download links, the files themselves. And if several people wanted the files, he’d had to upload them every time. Out of this frustration, he created Kwiqflick, where he could send files repeatedly and easily.

Now Kwiqflick allows thousands of people to send hundreds of files a day for free.