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We all know that you can increase productivity by increasing collaboration. But, collaboration is more than just sending files from one person to another. Collaboration is about discussion, sharing ideas and helping to foster creativity. This is why Kwiqflick is not just any file transfer platform. We built a message area chat to transfer files from one person to another to facilitate collaboration, discussion and teamwork. 

We didn’t want to be just another soulless file transfer platform that allowed secure instant transfers. Instead, we wanted creativity to be a prevalent part of working with files.

Kwiqflick allows you to send files and share folders now unlock the power of instant messaging to keep everything in one place.

Combining a messaging system with the file transfer system allows a seamless experience. This enables you to work quickly, sending files and getting instant feedback on projects.

You may be a photographer or a graphic designer that would like to work in real-time with their clients. You may need to transfer vast amounts of documents and talk about specific aspects of the work.

Whatever the need, you can collaborate using Kwiqflick.

Sharing folders is also simple and easy. All you need to do is just drag and drop any folder that you wish to share. Thus, you can have multiple people using and storing content in the same folder.

Using the messenger function in Kwiqflick

Using the messenger function in Kwiqflick is very easy. If you’ve just signed up and you have not yet sent any files, then you will probably see the following:

Chat and collaborate

You can see the file storage area on the left and the messenger area on the right. First, add some files by clicking the “Add button. Then, you can start chatting and sending files using the messenger function. Click on the button ‘Send’, and it will open up the interface to show the messenger.

You can put the email of the person you are sending to and any message you wish to send.

When you first send a message to someone, you will need to attach a file. But once you have sent a file to someone, they become stored in your contacts and, you can send as many messages as you like.

The message notification system will only send them a notification via email every hour. This is to make sure people don’t get annoyed with you spamming them. However, they will get notified when you send them a message.

Now you can chat and discuss your work in real-time, increasing productivity in your projects.

Dean Peters-Wright
Dean Peters-Wright

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