How To Send Large Files

Send a file using the web app without registering

There are two ways to send a file using Kwiqflick without registering and registering for an account.

To send a file without registering, you can go to the Kwiqflick app, and you can upload and send a file to someone with no hassle. Most people want a way to send files over 2GB without registering and signing up to a platform, and Kwiqflick allows you to do this.
You can send up to 3GB for free.


Go to Add your email and the email that you wish to send the files to. Remember that the person you are sending these files to do not need to register on Kwiqflick. Instead, they will get an email with a link that will allow them to download the files you send.

Add a message. This message will show up in the email that the person who is getting these files will receive.

Check the Google Recaptcha box and then click ‘Add’. You will then be able to choose where to upload files from. Once all the files you want to send are uploaded, then click ‘Send’. Kwiqflick will send your files to the recipient, and they will get an email notifying them.

Send files using the app logged in

Now we’ll show you how to send files even more conveniently by registering and logging in. First, go to and click on Sign Up. There you can either sign up using Facebook or sign up by choosing a user name and password.

First add files to your account

Go to, register and sign in. You will first see two areas, one for storing files on the left and another for sending files on the right.

First, upload the files that you want to send on the right-hand side. Then, click ‘Add’, and you will be able to choose which files you would like to upload. You can upload more than one file at the same time. Initially, you have 3GB of storage space.

After you upload the files, you will see the files that you uploaded on the left-hand side. You can keep them there until you delete them, ready to send to whoever you want.


Send files by drag or drop or using the menu

Now that you have uploaded files to your Kwiqflick account, you are now ready to send them to someone.

After adding the files you want to the message, click send, and you are done. They will get an email with the link to download the files and, if they are also a Kwiqflick user, they will also get a message in their Kwiqflick account with the file.

Send files using the menu system

To use the menu system, click on the file itself that you want to send.

Then click ‘Send to…’ to choose an existing contact you previously sent a file to or add a new email address.


After adding the file to the message area, type in a message and then press send.

Send multiple files

Above the files, you will see the word ‘Select’. Click this to activate the select feature that will enable you to select which files you want to send. You can select them individually, but you can also select or deselect them by clicking the select box above the files.

Once you have decided which files to select to transfer, then use the menu to determine which contact you would like to send your files to, in the same way as above. Click on the three dots to bring up the menu.

Once you have selected the contact that you wish to send your files to, Kwiqflick will then add them to the message area ready to be sent. Finally, click send, and Kwiqflick will send them instantly to your contacts.

There is also another way of sharing vast amounts of content by sharing folders. It works much in the same way, and if you’d like to see how you can share a folder, check out our article on sharing folders.

Dean Peters-Wright
Dean Peters-Wright

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