How to Send Large Video Files: The easiest way

Close up of modern camera recording vlogger with laptop

Technology is advancing at an incredibly high rate. We appreciate these improvements, yet video file sizes are becoming larger as a result. Consequently, sending these recordings quickly, safely, and cost-effectively is now more challenging than ever. This is because popular email services, like Gmail and Yahoo, only let you transfer up to 25MB. And what’s more, most of the available file-sharing platforms are slow, or they require you to subscribe to unreasonably expensive monthly services.


So, what should you do when you need a fast, cheap and straightforward way to share huge video files of up to 3GB or more with your colleagues, family, or friends? Consider Kwiqflick, which ticks all the right boxes. Here are the top reasons we are among the best platforms to send large video files.


If user-friendliness is one of the must-have features of your ideal video sharing platform, Kwiqflick delivers. There are no complex sign-up processes to get started. Even better, you don’t have to subscribe to our service at all. You only need to visit our app, upload your large video file and click transfer. It’s easy-peasy!

Again, your content’s recipient doesn’t have to register with us either. But be sure to include their current email address so we can alert them as soon as you send the file, enabling them to download it as quickly as possible.

If you’d prefer to send your files while logged in, no problem! The process is just as effortless. Simply visit our website and sign up. Or you can register via Facebook, which should only take you a few seconds. Alternatively, you can get started by creating a unique username and passcode for your Kwiqflick account.


Enjoy affordability by using Kwiqflick to send your ultra-large video file. With us, you can share up to 3GB without paying a dime. If you’re sending a larger file, you’ll only part with $0.15 per GB, which is way cheaper than what other file-sharing apps charge. What’s even better is that we only expect you to pay a one-time fee instead of committing to a service you might not require in the future.

If you compare this to other transfer services, such as Dropbox or Wetransfer, you’ll find that you’ll either be subject to a monthly subscription, or very limited in what you can do. Furthermore, in order to transfer files multiple times, you’ll have to upload the files each time you want to send them. Signing in to Kwiqflick gives you cloud storage, drag and drop and a chat feature that allows you to repeat transfer seamlessly. 

At Kwiqflick, we want you to spend the least amount possible to transfer files, and we may even offer you a promotion from time to time. Tell you what, if we get tons of referrals from you, we can let you send up to 50GB worth of content at absolutely no cost!

Impressive Device Compatibility

Envision this situation. You’re trying to transfer your 3GB marketing video to your colleague with an iPhone from your Android smartphone. But all you get is a message letting you know that your devices are incompatible. Frustrating, right?

Fortunately, this is an issue you’ll never have to deal with when using Kwiqflick.

We’re a reliable web-based platform that allows you to effortlessly send large video files from Android to Apple and Windows devices in no time. Our rates remain the same regardless of your smartphone or computer brand.

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Instant Messaging System

Kwiqflick provides more than just a seamless way to share video content. Our efficient file-sharing platform comes with a fast messaging system that lets you chat with your files’ recipient. This gives you the much-needed opportunity to exchange ideas or comment on the videos, nurturing creativity and encouraging teamwork.

If business or career growth is all you crave this year, let us help you achieve it in the most convenient ways. For instance, you can use our platform to send pitch videos to your best prospects and immediately receive their views regarding your product. This enables you to work faster and make the necessary adjustments to attain your desired results.

Bottom Line

Sending large video files is faster, simpler, cheaper, and more convenient with Kwiqflick. You don’t have to create an account with us to leverage our pocket-friendly file-sharing services. In addition, you’re free to send your content to anyone at any moment. As long as they have an email address, you’re good to go! Besides, we take advantage of the latest technology to secure our platform and prevent data breaches that could potentially ruin your social or professional life.

If you’re eager to get going send files today!