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The Rise of the Content Creator

The Content Creator: The ultimate democracy

According to SEMrush, 94% of content creators today leverage different social media channels to distribute their content. And many of them are entrepreneurs looking to make bank.

Intriguingly, about a decade ago, content creation was all about self-expression. A majority of creatives shared their work, thoughts, and personal aspirations to showcase their unique attributes. There’s also a group that hoped to deliver top-notch entertainment and find people who could identify with them.

But times have changed, allowing for the remarkable evolution of the content creation industry. Social media outlets like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are now among the top picks for creators worldwide. Most of these professionals are not just interested in communicating their individuality or amusing their followers. They hope to grow their brands, meaning it’s more about business for them.

How exactly did we get here?

First, note that the flourishing creator economy is not a part of our society – it’s an influenced concept. Let’s help you understand how it came to be and turned into the lucrative business it is now.

The Transformation of the Content Creation Industry

The past few years have seen consumers in various parts of the world develop an insatiable appetite for different types of content, especially videos. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the creator economy like nothing before.

So, here’s what happened. Countries worldwide were forced into lockdown. Tons of enterprises shut up shop, and millions of people lost their jobs. The companies that remained in business were prompted to identify ways to promote their offerings virtually, and they recognized the actual value of internet commerce. The unemployed had to find alternative methods to earn a living, and countless individuals ran to social media for entertainment as they awaited the pandemic’s end.

Eventually, everyone’s life began to revolve around social media.

TikTok is one of the apps that exploded between 2020 and 2021. As of January 2022, it had approximately a billion active users monthly in 140+ countries globally, as per stats from Influencer Marketing Hub. And it’s not the only social platform whose popularity surged due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pool of Instagram and YouTube users worldwide also enlarged exponentially around the same time.

Today, many creators are raking in hundreds and thousands of dollars by sharing their content on apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. More are hopping on the bandwagon, drawn by the fantastic advantages of this business venture. These perks include:

Everything's a Piece of Cake

Perhaps, the main reason most people want to join the creator economy is it’s pretty easy to thrive. With several bomb content ideas, your following and viewership on any of these apps can grow massively within a few months. Plus, you don’t need any costly tools or specialized software to execute your unique concepts – basic equipment and a simple setting can do!

For instance, if you’re an Instagram content creator, your toolkit should have things such as reliable recording equipment, phone accessories, and editing apps. You have lots of options to mull over when hunting for these necessities. We also recommend you factor in your budget and recording style when making your picks.

As you embark on your content creation journey, remember that the experience varies for everyone. Set yourself apart from the crowd by remaining authentic and consistent, despite the challenges associated with this line of work. At the same time, ask for your customers’ feedback as it reflects the value of your content. Moreover, don’t hesitate to utilize various content strategies to attain your desired goals.

It's a Democracy

The content economy is doing an excellent job of democratizing digital entrepreneurship. And with this disruption, the possibilities for everyone involved are limitless!

The big names controlled how content was developed, distributed, and even consumed in the past. Most of us only accessed censored, biased, or undesirably generalized content, and there was little we could do about it.

Today, creators produce content that suits their interests and distribute it however they want. Anyone can open accounts with multiple platforms and upload as many videos as possible to achieve their set business objectives. This also diversifies their reach, which is handy for success.

In addition, consumers are empowered, meaning we can watch or read what we want at our convenience.

The Money's Promised

If you’re getting into content creation to make money, your chances of succeeding are high. But don’t forget the cash you bring in is determined by your content, popularity, and the social media outlet you choose.

For example, if you monetize your TikTok, one branded video can bring in between $200 and $20,000 or more. Note that earning your first dollar on this platform may take some time, though. You have to define your niche and upload content regularly. Collaborating with other TikTokers could also help you get to the top.

Should you go for YouTube, expect $3 – $5 for every 1,000 monetized views your channel garners. One of the best things about uploading content on this video-sharing platform is your location or age doesn’t necessarily affect your earnings. Tell you what, there are YouTubers barely in their teens grossing millions monthly!

Instagram could also pave the way for you to achieve the financial freedom you crave. You can do this by:

  • Becoming an influencer to work with high-paying brands or getting sponsored
  • Selling your own merch
  • Monetizing your Instagram videos with ads
  • Starting an affiliate marketing business to sell other companies’ products

Currently, the world has about fifty million content creators on a global scale. This number is set to increase as creatives have seen how profitable the content economy has become. If you’re planning to become an Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube creator, welcome on board! Take your time to comprehend your target audience because your success boils down to your capability to meet its needs. Besides, strive to remain current to be in touch with all the facets of this industry. This is the best way to keep up its daily transformations and, hopefully, stay on top of your game.

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