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The Top Three Best Video Editing Software to Use in 2022

The Best Video Editing Software

Creating exclusive videos is a must-have skill today. It could be all you require to build your brand as a digital creator or entertainer. And it can also come in handy if you’re a business dying to expand your market. The thing is, we are a generation that consumes video content every day, and for most of us, quality is everything.

So, how can you guarantee professional-looking videos to captivate your target audience and have it coming back for more? It’s simple – utilize the most powerful editing tool you can get your hands on. Of course, finding it might be a bit challenging since there’re so many options available. But cheer up; we’re here to help!

Let’s dive into our top three picks for the best video editing software to leverage this year.

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Final Cut Pro

When looking for a video editing program, you must prioritize a vast range of features, such as usability, performance, audio mixing, and extensive third-party plugins. Rest assured that Apple’s full-featured video editing software, Final Cut Pro, provides that and more to ensure your current video editing project succeeds.

Ease of Use

First off, this video editing software is super friendly, even for beginners. It comes with a clean interface straightforward enough for the latter and pros. You’ll also find specialized options for the editing stage you’re in, such as editing and color correction. Then, Final Cut Pro’s menu has a simple structure to help you access all the essential controls in only a few seconds. Tell you what, this software can even transcode media automatically each time you integrate a project. And newcomers are free to search and download helpful user guides to help them grasp what this tool is all about.

Unrivaled Performance

In addition, Final Cut Pro boasts remarkable performance, an aspect that has made it one of iMovie’s top competitors. It features hundreds of keyboard commands to improve your speed of edits, enabling you to complete your project within the set deadline. Besides, the transition from the standard speed to slow motion is impressive, thanks to this tool’s incredible speed ramps.

As you consider the Final Cut Pro to relish all its perks, prepare to deal with some downsides, including:

  • Its $299.99 one-time cost (as of writing) may be expensive for some users.
  • Complex video editing projects require extremely powerful Apple computers.
  • 360-degree videos lack motion tracking.


Camtasia unquestionably deserves the second spot on our list of best video editing software on the market. If you’re a first-timer dreaming of thriving in the video editing world, it’s a great place to start. And it also has the ideal feature package to meet the diverse needs of seasoned pros.


Camtasia is effortless to use for both Mac and Windows users. TechSmith welcomes you to the onboarding process as soon as you log in to acquaint yourself with the software. Adding annotations, cursor effects, animations and transitions is a piece of cake. Plus, you have plenty of these features to choose from. For instance, this video editor offers six annotations and ten animation types, which provides a lot of room for experimentation.


Moreover, Camtasia’s versatility makes it incredibly convenient for ambitious, all-rounded video editors. Its unmatched screen recording feature makes it suitable for various types of video content, including:

  • Video tutorials
  • Training videos
  • How-to videos
  • Webinar recordings
  • Video lessons
  • Software demo videos
  • YouTube videos

Video Effects

Furthermore, this top-ranked video editing powerhouse offers up to 13 different video effects, such as:

  • Border
  • Color adjustment
  • Colorize
  • Drop shadow
  • Motion blur
  • Glow
  • Media nature
  • Clip speed

If you’re wondering if Camtasia is really worth your money and attention, take advantage of its 30-day free trial to try all its features.

Does Camtasia have any cons? Well, like all video editors, yes. These are:

  • It lacks a chrome extension or web version.
  • Its price tag reads $224.99 as of this writing, which some users deem expensive. And you still have to pay for maintenance costs and yearly upgrades, unlike the Final Cut Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The Premiere Pro is a top-level video editing program designed for social media creators and blockbuster film producers. Its editing tools are powerful, and worth it, although you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to make the most out of them.

Simple Interface

The Premiere Pro is dead-set on maximizing productivity and efficiency through its simple, responsive interface. It provides various workspaces such as audio and editing so that you can concentrate on one function at a time, deterring you from giving in to any distractions. Adobe Inc. even updates this interface regularly to guarantee hassle-free editing no matter your skill level.

Incredible Performance

Thanks to its powerful set of tools, dependable performance is another aspect to expect from the Premiere Pro. For starters, it has everything you need for efficient audio editing, including mixers, meters, and effects. These are handy whenever you want to minimize or maximize audio and eliminate noise.

The Adobe Premiere Pro’s performance is further enhanced by its integrated work process that aids smoother editing experiences. In addition, it works pretty well with a plethora of Adobe products. And the Microsoft Team integration enables you to link with your team members without exiting the app. Therefore, you can brainstorm about your video editing project to attain the desired results.

Besides, this video editing program’s support for multiple file formats saves you time since conversion is unnecessary.

Despite its many upsides, the Adobe Premiere Pro has some cons, including:

  • Some users crave a more comprehensive tutorial.
  • Autosave may fail to work sometimes if the user doesn’t have a powerful system.

Give thought to our top three professional-level video editing software when searching for one with the right tools to satiate your unique needs. These programs are user-friendly, powerful, reliable, and accessible. Still, remember that they differ in terms of price tags, target audience, compatibility, and performance. So you must scrutinize the features of each before settling for it. Hopefully, this guide helps you with that. Still, we also recommend digging deeper into them, especially if you’re inexperienced and just about to dip your toes into the video editing scene.

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